Clawgear Aviceda Mk.II Fleece Jacket


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The goal was to design an intermediate layer that is very light and versatile - a jacket that could be easily stowed into the backpack or also used as the top layer of clothing. Aviceda meets these requirements perfectly. The fleece fabric is extremely comfortable to wear and breathable, does not absorb moisture and is easy to stow away. Both upper arm pockets and front pockets offer secure storage options. The modern cut provides a great look and an outstanding mobility.
- Easy to store
- Quick drying and breathable
- Inner pocket with headphone cable guide
- Pleasant wearing comfort

MITOITUS (rinnanympärys) Erittäin slimfit, suosittelemme ottamaan koon isomman kuin normaalisti.

  • XS      84cm
  • S        92cm
  • M      100cm
  • L        108cm
  • XL      116cm
  • 2XL    124cm
  • 3XL    132cm


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